About Deborah

Deborah  grew up within a creative family in Melbourne, Australia, and from an early age displayed a creative flare in her own right.
After leaving school she began a career in the fashion industry followed by working in the corporate world. Feeling totally unsatisfied and empty in what she was achieving and the constant need to express her creativity, she began her journey to paint while temping in various companies by day and exploring and developing her artistic skills by night.  Her passion was finally realised!

Although having no formal training, Deborah has been greatly influenced by both Art Deco and Japanese design in much of her work, many of which have been exhibited in various galleries and art shows in Melbourne, and in recognition has received awards.

Deborah has been influenced by the  inspirational art of  Gustav  Klimt,  Tamara de LempickaErté  (Romain de Tirtoff),  Louis Icart, and George Barbier.

Deborah lives in a bay side suburb of Melbourne with her husband.
Her ambition and vision is to continue to create with passion and, in so doing, bring joy to all who embrace her work.